Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year.

what an amazing year of two thousand and ten, i should really really really be grateful to all the things i've been through indeed. in a year i found tons of amazing people, places, jobs, opportunities, and inspirations which brings all of my dream to be come true. the whole process make me realize how much i do love and care about my job.. my life.. and my passion in the industry. i knew, every year it always be special for us but sooo bad i was think of this year its gonna be nothing for me...but hell yeah! it's beyond my expectation. i am 'sooper dooper happy now!'
i should thanks to god and the people who has been supported me all of this year to watch my back..
first of all. ALLAH S.W.T, my mom dad and my brother, erina lebang, hakim satriyo, bona soetirto, todi yahya, teuku adjie, adinda dinyol, fairuza ahmad iqbal, mustaqim, pramono prakoso, raditya arya pratama, mas ditto, mas jacky, pria hardie (football heroes), ichsan, prizka. r, gina .a and also really amazing people to work with, tania ledezma, aldi indrajaya, endi catur, reza bustami, nakita massardi, ian kamil djunaid (vtm), grace (sum), ema novia, melodia lukita, kristell chenutt and blinov roman, juliet pishnyak, carina leps, valezka adiputra, ida bagus charisma, anindya devy, margaretha novianty, the trees and the wild and lots of them which i couldn't write one by one. without all of these people, i don't think I'm gonna earn that much for sure.
lastly, its not the end of the journey, really excited to face 'tomorrow' and so much plan for 2011. keep watch my step and always remember to appreciate what goes around you :)

******HAPPY NEW YEAR ******

may all of your wishes come true

Friday, December 24, 2010

collector's holliday

for I Create magazine december issue 2010. thanks a lot for reza busatami for our amazing collaboration. really pleased with the out come of good prints quality on their mags! and very grateful to have my very first cover in my live lol :). enjoy!

photography by shadtoto prasetio
concept and styling by reza bustami
make up and hair by philips kwok for lt. pro
make up assist. by ari
digital imaging by todi yahya
stylist assist. by ardelya anggela
photo assist. by mustaqim
model claus castro @21-mm and bruna @SUM
location at Hauwke auto gallery

Thursday, December 23, 2010

stephan's journey

a test shoot with very multi talented model, great host of TV program "koper dan ransel" and photographer as well. he is Stephan Kotas from prague and u should check his work on photography at

photography by shadtoto prasetio
styling by hakim satriyo
make up and hair by tania ledezma
model stephan kotas @SUM
special thanks to Grace

featured on Design Scene #2

thank u so much to Zarco Davinic for keep supporting indonesian talent
by featuring my work and (Dew magazine to be DS original) on his incredible site.
and BIG thanks to Teuku Adjie, Reza Bustami, Tania Ledezma,
Endi Catur, Hakim Satriyo, Ian Kamil Djunaid & VTM, Juliet Pishnyak,
Mustaqim, Bona Soetirto and Jacky Suharto.

climate climax

for dew magazine morning issue 2010.

photography by shadtoto prasetio
styling by reza bustami
make up and hair by tania ledezma
lighting by catur
photo assist. by mustaqim
model juliet pishnyak @VTM
thank u for every person who supporting me to made this editorial. bless u all!

Monday, December 13, 2010


hi.. everyone! soon i will launch my works update on videos at Vimeo.
so more or less it gonna be previews and shares my recent works in the industry.
thanks and have a good day for all of u guys! :)

photography and composed by shadtoto prasetio
styling by margaretha novianty
make up and hair by mellisa
photo assist. by mustaqim

Friday, December 3, 2010

follow me and i follow you

a test shoot with beautiful model martha

photography by shadtoto prasetio
styling by aldi indrajaya
make up and hair by tania ledezma
model martha @VTM
location at Jika studio

play attitude

spice magazine december issue 2010. in stores now!

photography by shadtoto prasetio
styling by margaretha novianty
make up and hair by mellisa
photo assist. by mustaqim
model shima @Jim and mariya @Fame
location at ampera studio